Reflection on students self-esteem with using ICT’s

Week 5 – Posting 3

Welcome everyone to my post about reflecting on students self-esteem with using ICT’s in their learning. On my travels throughout the internet I have come across an article about ‘Personal, social and emotional development of children’. This article discussed how this development is critical in a child’s life abd how it helps them to have the best chance for successful learning. The article states that “Almost without exception, children using appropriate ICT are interested, excited and motivated. Unlike some adults, children are unafraid of technology and confident to try out new activities and because they fid the work so interesting most children have longer attention spans when using ICT (E2BN, 2008).” Which in turn creates a positive feeling for the children, who then have a greater self-esteem.

Through using ICT’s we can engage children’s attention for longer, encourage group work and co-operation.

Overall I found this article to be very informative about many benefits of ICT’s on children’s self-esteems. I also found it interesting the way that USQ student Deborah Liang discusses Self-esteem of students using ICT’s in her blog.

Ms Stokes

E2BN. (2008). ICT in the early years. Retrieved March 18, 2013, from

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